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JWC was founded in 1992 as a firm specializing in the development and implementation of benefit programs. Today we are pleased to offer a vast array of insurance and financial services to help protect employers, individuals and families. Owned and operated by Steve Friedman, JWC enjoys doing business with over 400 clients.

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A full-service agency with ready-made solutions for the small business


JWC Insurance is pleased to have the opportunity to present our qualifications to serve as your broker. We are a full service insurance broker, active in the insurance industry in Southern California for more than 16 years. Our staff has over 25 years of experience working with local area clients in managing their employee benefit programs.


JWC believes that service is the key to the acquisition and retention of clients. We also believe that all clients, large or small, deserve the same level of service. We are proud of our reputation for offering the same level of service to all our clients, whether they have two employees or 2,000.


JWC is a broker with a wide range of vendors. A list of some of the companies JWC utilizes in the marketing process is included in the proposal. With the sales volume we do, JWC is able to negotiate successfully in the marketplace to help ensure that our clients receive the most cost-effective rating we can provide/negotiate.



As independent brokers, JWC provides their clients with a broad range of services including:


Proactive evaluation of the client’s current benefit program objectives and current benefits

Negotiation and market surveys with insurance carriers for the various benefit plans within the employee benefit program.

Underwriting analysis and assistance to insure all components of the benefit program operate on a sound financial basis

Proactive guidance and information on regulatory and legislative issues affecting employee benefit programs

Attention and recommendations on current trends in the health care industry, including cost containment, plan designs, utilization management, and alternative delivery methods.


JWC Insurance believes in an interactive partnership with its clients and vendors. From the first day as your broker, JWC will encourage your employees or their representatives to call our office with any issues of concern. JWC will also act as a liaison between your organization and the insurance vendors to negotiate benefits and insurance costs, adjudicate claim issues and ensure that your staff receives the attention necessary to retain quality employees.


JWC is proud of the fact that we are not too small to meet the needs of any client, but not so large that our client’s needs become lost in a corporate world driven by stockholder returns, budgets and profit margins.


Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to assist you in meeting the needs of your staff.


Toll Free: 1-877-231-8326



A full-service agency with ready-made solutions for the small business


Group health plans

EPLI insurance - 3 out of 5 employers are sued by former employees every year. The average cost of an EEOC lawsuit in 2010 exceeded $200,000.

Pension Plan Design


In addition, we offer all of these services:


Long Term Disability/Short Term Disability

Flexible Spending Accounts for both Health and Dependent Care

Workers’ Compensation/ General Liability

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Personal Lines of Insurance- Auto/Home/Umbrella policies

Life insurance Planning- Buy-sell agreements, Key-man Insurance and Estate Planning


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Toll Free: 1-877-231-8326


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